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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Art of Connection...

Traveling to find the wintering Whooping Cranes at Goose Island, I stopped at a few other sites.  I posted a partial photo album in my previous post - - And this is the continuation of my hunt for the wintering birds....


ALONG THE BAY on Goose Island Park Road

A massive bull in the field and boardwalk along Tule Lake East

A hidden stone marked for Valentine's day "HIS" and a Snowy Egret

The 'hidden rocks' campaign is to promote random acts of kindness - "The ART of CONNECTION" This is the 2nd one I've found while out on my birding treks. Kinda fun, and I'm seriously thinking of joining in on this fun way of spreading kindness to those that would appreciate a smile and good thought toward them!!!

Along the shore of Copano Bay on the park road, I spied a few -five- of my targeted bird!! [more photos will be shared next Saturday on my bird blog]. Behind the cranes and the road sign is the bay...not visible 'cause of the fog!!!