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Sultry in the Morning, Sultry in the Evening....Sultry at Suppertime!!


Walking early one morning before the heat of the day pounded me to retreat indoors, I ventured on a short road trip to one of my favorite haunts. Pollywog Ponds. I was expecting very little in bird life since we're in a drought, and hoped I'd see no water moccasins or coral snakes in the vicinity...they've been reported seen there recently. I didn't see any snakes of any kind at all much to my happiness. But, I also didn't find much water in the ponds! There are two, one smaller and one larger - the East Pond depicted on the map has been dried and re-forested instead. The smaller of the ponds was nearly dried up; sadly! ... as seen in the above photo. The 2nd pond before you come to its northern bank and the Nueces River, was only partially full [half full or half empty, whichever way you want to see it].

The usual, resident bird species, could be seen here and there. Some at the water, while others flitting in the trees and heard singing their songs.

A Green Heron in Silhouette

- - -


As I walked the trails, I occasionally looked upward into the sky for hawks. I think I spotted a Barred Owl flying in front of me up skyward...too fast and unexpected for me to have time to focus on the bird before it disappeared in the woods. I saw three turkey vultures soaring silently high in the world above...but the sky and clouds were gorgeous along the horizon and tree-lines, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos...


For those of my generation, I ask: Do you remember the novel by Jacqueline Susann, and the movie based on the novel of the same title....Valley of the Dolls? Well, this month marks the 50th anniversary of its publishing date. I found a book club edition of the very same. Someday soon, I'll sit down and re-read it.
After reading the re-vamped, easier to read in modern English novel, Ben Hur, I began reading The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint.
    "Profound and stirring . . . brilliantly executed." -Wall Street Journal "Rambling and generous . . . it reads at times like a John Irving novel touched up by Roy Blount Jr. . . . Sweet, sad, and refreshing." -Book Review "Edgar’s soul is as spotless as John Wayne’s .45, and so is Udall’s sharp and rangy prose. His similes sting, his sentences go bang, and his chapters roll like the wagon wheels across the harsh Mormon desert of right and wrong." -New York Times "Extraordinary. . . . There are pages that are just fall-down funny. . . ." ―GQ "Vibrant, big-hearted. . . . A poignant, picaresque odyssey." ―Newsweek "A marvelous first novel. . . . An adept mix of humor and pathos." ―Los Angeles Times "An ingenious tale [that] takes its heart from Dickens and its soul from America’s great outlaw West." -Elle

Most reviews I've read online about this book, the critiques, common as you and me, give it 5 stars out of 5. Read what they have to say!! And in today's time, I would enjoy reading something that is humorous, touching, down to earth. I hope this book lives up to its critic's words. Of course, I'll be the judge. lol I also ordered a long-sought-after book from Amazon this week: "Ghost Birds: Jim Tanner and the Quest for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, 1935-1941 by Stephen Lyn Bales". Tracking tells me it's been shipped and on its way. I anxiously await its arrival. It's been several years that I have searched for this particular book at Half Price Books hoping it'd show up in the birding section aisle, but never any luck. I finally gave up and decided to order a copy.